Vision Statement:

Mission Statement Our nation has become dangerously dependent on foreign energy sources that are warming the earth, damaging the environment, threatening public health, undermining our economic vitality, eroding national security and diminishing our quality of life.

Our national and state energy policies continue to give preferential treatment and economic subsidies to inefficient and costly power generators and consumers.  Unfortunately, only minimal support for cleaner, renewable and more efficient energy technologies and strategies are being promoted.

Self-Gen believes that cleaner, innovative and more efficient technologies can significantly reduce our reliance on foreign sources of energy while protecting our environment and ensuring economic, energy and national security.  Accordingly, we believe that private industries and the federal, state and local governments need to take bold new steps to achieve the national goal of securing a reliable, affordable and clean energy future for America.

Mission Statement:

Self-Gen Services
*Integrated Energy Planning & Strategies
*Energy Management & Optimization
*Governmental Relations
*Wholesale Electricity "Supply" Procurement
*Wholesale Electricity Sales & Distribution
*Combined Cooling, Heat & Power (CCHP) Or Tri-Generation

To provide the vision and leadership to assist in the development of public policies, private enterprises and clean energy technologies that will address the critical economic, environmental and energy problems that have undermined the quality of life, economic prosperity and overall security of our nation.